Story Mobile Book Report


3rd Grade Book Report

Due: Tuesday, January 31st

       For our 1st book report this school year each student will create a “Story Structure Mobile”. Students may choose to read any type of chapter book for this report. The kids will need to have 6 different story element shapes hanging from the hanger: setting, character, plot, problem/solution, evaluation (what did you think about the story), and about the author. We will show an example to the class so everyone understands how the book report should be done. If there are any questions or confusion do not hesitate to contact Ms. Lenz or Ms. Picchietti. We hope the picture below helps out! Thank you!! 


- hanger

- string

- construction paper

- crayons/markers

- scissors

- anything else needed to make the project your best


Shapes Needed:

Shape 1: Describe the main characters that were in the book.

Shape 2: Write a summary/plot of the book that highlights the beginning, middle, and end of story.

Shape 3: Describe the different setting(s) that were in the story.

Shape 4: Write your evaluation of the book and write whether you would recommend it to a friend. Give specific reasons for your opinion.

Shape 5: Describe any problems and the solution. There may be more than one problem, try to include as many as you can.

Shape 6: Write a small description about the author.

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