Welcome back to school for another great and fun school year.


All classes will start the 2104 fall year with the Presidential Fitness testing program. These basic skill tests help measure a students level of endurance, strength, agility, flexibility, and coordination. The results are compared to nationally charted skills. Students compare their results with other students of the same age and gender. It helps the student see how they rank in comparison to other students across the nation.
These results also help set the goal for The Physical Education program for that age level.
We have also added some popular tests. These are Baseball throw for distance, 40 yd. dash, standing broad jump, and the standing vertical jump. The students use their results to help compare his or her skills to various popular sports.
Activities in PE will start according to grade level.

Consists of Junior Kindergarten thru 2nd grade. These students will participate in a modified presidential fitness test. PE classes will focus on individual evaluation, hand eye coordination, throwing, jumping, body control and running. Everything these little people on the playground need.
Activities such as kickball , throw and catch, tag games and rock wall will be covered. Bike safety and general health topics will be covered.

Consists of 3rd-5th grade.
Students will do the PFT program. They will be asked to set personal goals. Last springs PFT results will be reviewed to help set the class goals for this year.
Activities : Volleyball, flag or touch football and kickball will be offered.
Emphasis on team work, leadership and activity rules will be stressed.
General health and Bike safety will also be covered and discussed.

Consist of 6th-8th grade.
Students will choose goals they feel will help them advance in extra curricular activities or personal health style. Popular and current fitness programs will be discussed. Especially the new preventive injury training programs and method.
Hopefully, physical education program will be fun and helpful to the students down the road.
Competitive Volleyball, touch football and various popular games the students like to play.

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February Curriculum Report

Students will be in activities that require cooperation, team work and imagination. Tumbling and basic gymnastics will challenge them. Hopefully they will experience obstacle course challenge. Some of the activities will be scooter racing. Big ball soccer and Pre Volleyball.

Elementary Dear Watson,
Student review baseball skills and finish in class team tournament. All aspects of basketball will be reviewed, offense, defense, shooting dribbling and passing skills. They will also have tumbling and rock climbing activities.

Junior High
Students finish basketball class team tournaments, tests on basketball skills. Basic First Aid and General Health topic will be covered.

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November/December Curriculum Report

All PE classes have completed to fall battery of tests. There are 5 presidential fitness tests and SHS popular tests (6). They are vertical jump, standing broad jump, 40 yard dash and baseball throw. The results of the test help form what area the PE program will go. PE classes are finishing activities of Faully ball and Elipse. We are trying delay basketball activity till December. PE activities for last day of November will be tumbling and obstacle course training.
Primary students will continue hand eye development. They will also experience body awareness and foot speed and control.
Secondary students will be involved in tumbling and obstacle course challenge.
Junior High students will also experience the up and down of tumbling and obstacle course challenges.
All levels for the second and third trimester will have health and first aid introduction designed to their grade level.

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Additional Baseball Throwing Mechanics

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Basic Baseball Throw

Here is a video explaining the baseball throw.


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Welcome to Sacred Heart Physical Education: A program K through 8 grade.

These are some goals of the P.E. program.

1. Evaluate students coordination, endurance, and strength.  Enlighten students to the body, it needs to be healthy mentally and physically.

2. Introduce the advantage of a physically active lifestyle and the benefits of better health and social lives.

3. Students can establish active lifestyles through participation in various activities and programs.

Physical Education Program uses the Presidential fitness program (PFP) to discover the students needs.  Students are tested in the fall and spring.  The results give the student an idea how he or she compares to students their gender or age, nationally.  

PFP tests consist of the mile run, pushups, curl ups, flexibility, and the shuttle run.  

Other possible tests include vertical jump, standby broad jump, and the baseball throw for distance.

All these tests help form the PE program for the year.  Sacred Heart's PE program is to enlighten and is made fun for the student.

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Sacred Heart Physical Fitness

At Sacred Heart, we stress fitness of mind and body.  Both team and individual skills are reinforced.





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